Able Sail

COSA continues to offer sailing programs for persons with disabilities. We have been delivering sailing programs for disabled individuals since 1993! With accessible sailboats in our fleet and other supportive equipment, we can accommodate a large range of disabled sailors.

We utilize the Australian made, 303 Wide Access Dinghy.  The safety aspects are plentiful, from the stability of not being able to capsize - to a wide deck to keep occupants dry. To top it off, the Access Dinghy is a very fun boat to sail!

The Able Sail program runs from the end of May until mid-September.  We only use fully certified Sail Canada coaches, and have some of the newest, most exciting technology on the market. 

Lessons take place in our protected bay, ensuring safe and fun sailing for every outing.

Lessons can take place as part of our regular Learn to Sail program (Puddle Jumpers, Wind Riders, CAN Sail, Adult, or Family lessons), Simply call or e-mail to arrange a sailing schedule that works best for you!

For more information please contact COSA at (250) 764-2203 or e-mail